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Energy365 Ltd is a sole proprietor business. I make no bones about this. Having worked in large consultancies and energy companies, I get better rewards and results working as a sole agency. My knowledge is energy - yours is your business, be that abstraction to zips. Let's combine the two.

Martin Shaw has almost 30 years energy management experience. Initially I trained in NZ as a mechanical design draughtsman and gained an NZCE at Christchurch Poly. Went for that 6 months OE (like so many of us do), and ended up spending 25 years in the UK before returning to NZ in 2004. During this time I gained a BSc and MSc, am a Chartered Engineer and member of the Energy Institute in the UK.

Energy365 Ltd can be contacted at:

20 Leith Drive, RD2
Rangiora 7472
New Zealand
Tel  +64 (0)3 31 31 655
Fax +64 (0)3 31 31 675
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