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Some good reasons why you should save energy and use The Energy Initiative.


Energy is often seen as a side issue by much of industry. Often it is only 1-5% of turnover. It is a necessary evil, and as we can't see it littering the floor, or taking up space in the stockroom, it is pushed to the background. This is a fatal error. Although only 5% of turnover, it could be the equivalent of 20% or more of profit. As an overhead, every dollar saved is an additional dollar profit. Not interested? You should be!


By now we should all be aware of the probability of Global Warming, and the NZ Government has taken an active role in targeting CO2 reductions over the coming years.

Whether you agree with Global Warming or not, addressing the issue by reducing your CO2 levels will allow you to raise your company's environmental reputation, whilst at the same time reducing your overheads.

Carbon Targets and Trading

All industry should know about the Carbon Targets. If you do not, we need to talk - NOW.

Your programmes for reducing energy or CO2 levels should be well underway.


  • Are your targets being met?
  • Is your investment programme on schedule?
  • Have you started the staff training programme?

If not, then give us a call.

Why use The Energy Initiative?

The majority of companies we work with have technical staff on site, and some even have full time Energy Managers. Yet we still fit into the scheme of things. Why?

Our job is to understand and optimise energy use, in both process and building. You will know the building and process, and achieve the best out of your equipment for production purposes. However, we often find that staff do not understand the full energy implications, and by working together we can help you develop that knowledge.

By bringing our expertise together, you can build that competitive edge.

Our aim is to make you self-sufficient by ensuring that your systems are built on that knowledge, but rest assured that we will be around if you need a hand sometime in the future.





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