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Your Site

We service all types of industrial and commercial sites. Optimising housing energy design, materials and environmental aspects also play an important role.

Typical of the type of sites we have worked with are:

  • Local Authorities
  • Swimming pools
  • Leisure centres
  • Schools
  • Headquarters buildings
  • Retail centres
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial process e.g. plastics injection moulding, bakeries, metal manufacture
  • Cold Stores
  • Distribution centres
  • Airports
  • Low energy office design
  • Housing - low energy design, environmental impact.

This list is not exhaustive. Remember our job is to understand energy use. You know the building and process, and achieve the best out of the equipment.  We are energy specialists and reduce energy consumption without reducing production rates or building conditions. By bringing the two skills together, you build that competitive edge.



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